Trained at George Brown College, Russia born Korinna Azreiq is the designer behind Kormar label. She lives and works in Toronto, Canada, where she creates her jewellery.  After graduating from college she worked predominantly with precious metals and gem stones using traditional casting techniques.  In 2013 she discovered 3 dimensional computer modelling and the powerful new abilities allowed by 3D printers  and it completely changed her approach to design process and choice of materials.

3D printers recreate the computer model allowing the fabrication of jewellery, not possible with traditional techniques and allowing for the use of different types of materials such as plastics, steel and rubber.

3d printed plastics and man made stones are the main materials used in this collection. These materials are relatively inexpensive, eco-friendly and have fantastic physical properties like lightweight, durability and flexibility.   Those properties   allowed creation of big bold forms, yet very comfortable to wear.

The stones used in the collection are premium quality Swarovski  cubic zirconia with excellent brilliance and sparkle, they are great conflict free  alternative to natural stones. Each object is hand dyed, which makes every Kormar jewellery piece unique with no two pieces being the same.

Kormar was created in 2015 , jewellery label that blends elements of contemporary and traditional design.

The process of creating this collection was the inspiration itself. Kormar jewellery would be impossible to manufacture any other way then 3d printing.

The purpose of this collection is to evoke visual senses and offer affordable and eco friendly alternative to traditional massed produced jewellery.